What to Sell at a Farmers’ Market

What to sell at a Farmers’ Market?

What to sell at a farmers market is always a tricky question. 2 things come in to play here. What can you make or grow and what does the customer want? There is no point in making the world’s best widget if at the market no one wants to buy a widget or a bucket full of widgets.

This is where you need to be flexible and resourceful. If you are neither flexible or resourceful you need to find another market for your widgets!!

When I first started going to a farmers’ market I took a number of different products. Looking back I was  testing the market. I didn’t even realize that I was doing this. I made jam, peanut brittle, smoked salmon, beef jerky, bread, muffins,  lemonade. Whatever my wife and I cooked that was REALLY GOOD, we would make and take to market.

Eventually the question of what to sell at the farmers’ market was decided for us by the market customers as they showed us what they wanted to buy and therefore what we should make and take!

It really didn’t matter to me what I took to market as long as I brought none of it or little home.

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