What is a Farmers Market?

What is a Farmers Market? Let’s find out.

A Farmers Market is a place of retail for farmers and other producers of home grown or home made foods, and even crafts, to sell to the public. Farmers Markets are usually locally based and are a great boost to a community.

Farmers Markets are usually held outdoors and are seasonal to some degree. This does vary depending on where the market is located. Organised by either community groups or individuals Farmers Markets range from very large to just a few booths or stalls.

Vendors at a Farmers Market are usually local. These local farmers grow and sell produce that is in season and sought by the community. Some markets allow vendors to sell other home made foods such as breads, cookies, jams and jellies, pickles, soups and drinks.

The customers at a Farmers Market are often driven to be there by their belief of buying local, good home made or home grown food, maybe even organic food.

The market that I mainly attend only operates during summer and fall.  Summer in Louisiana can be hot and humid. Not can be , it IS HOT and HUMID. So its great to get out in the morning and have a good time at market before the heat of the day kicks in. The weather is nice, it does get a little warm (HOT) in summer but apart from that its pleasant for the customers and vendors to be out and about on a Saturday morning. The Fall Market has some degree of coolness as we head towards winter and that is always a nice change when we first start back up after our little break between the summer and fall markets.

No matter where you are there is a farmers market somewhere near by. Find it and attend. I am sure that you will enjoy your local farmers market.




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