Weekly Farmers Market Podcasts

Podcasts, videos and more

Podcasts are a great way of connecting with my website visitors. I am starting podcasting very soon. The technology is in place and the server is ready it just needs me to get it happening and make some Farmers Market Podcasts. This weekend will be the recording and uploading of the first Farmers Market Podcast and hopefully on Monday at www.WeeklyFarmersMarket.com you will be able to download some podcasts from yours truly. 🙂

I am tempted to make some Videos about my breads and cookies too. What do you think? Get onto www.WeeklyFarmersMarket.com and let me know.
Podcasting is certainly the way of now and the future. Mobile devices as well as conventional desktops are being used more and more to share information. I was listening to a podcast this morning that said that 60% of podcasts are listened to on mobile devices. 60% of Facebook is on mobile and 41% of email. WOW. Now, by mobile, that doesn’t mean we are walking around listening (although we could be) Mobile means your tablet sitting in your living room or in your kitchen or at the beach.
So there we have it if you haven’t heard from me in person for a while the Podcast might be your best chance. Listen in Monday my time, (That’s Central time USA) and we will try out this Podcast business.

Share this with your friends and help me to grow site and Farmers Market Podcasts as big as we can. There will be a link on the website www.WeeklyFarmersMarket.com for you to click on.