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English: The Dupont Circle Farmers Market,
The Dupont Circle Farmers Market, a weekly event featuring organic produce and other goods, takes place every Sunday morning in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Weekly Farmers’ Market

Welcome to the Weekly Farmers’ Market.

News of Farmers’ Markets from all over the United States.

It is often asked why a Farmers’ Market can’t or won’t run all year. There are many reasons.

The main reason is usually the amount of produce that would be available at a particular time of the year. Where I live in North Louisiana one of our Farmers’ Markets operates only during June, July and August. This does coincide with 2 of the big locally produced crops of tomatoes and corn. Opening day of the Shreveport Farmers’ Market will bring a crowd of 8-12,000.

Another reason for markets opening at certain times is that the facility may be a shared facility that has other events at other times of the year.

Some vendors are able to bake, make or be able to vend products all year. But for one reason or another they may not be able to. If you are one of those vendors then look for other ways to sell your goods at events other than a Farmers’ Market.

Enjoy attending a Farmers’ Market.

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