Sell Jellies and jams at the Farmers’ market

Sell Jellies and Jams at the Farmers’ market.

Selling Jams and Jellies is easy but there is plenty of competition. To be successful you will need to stand out. Read below¬†how to sell Jams and Jellies at a Farmers’ market! This is best practice!

Ben and Dot are friends of mine at the Local Shreveport and Natchitoches Farmers’ Markets and they excelled by being the best. They sold hundreds of jars a week. Here is how!

  • They used pure juice in their Jellies.
  • They made custom orders.
  • They had a HUGE variety of product. Over 100 different Jams/Jellies and canned goods.
  • They carried plenty of stock. Spares in the truck.
  • They often got their raw materials at a reduced or nil price thus lowering their costs.
  • Good presentation.
  • Knowledgeable about their products.
  • Award winning produce.
  • Reliable vendors.
  • Good neighbour vendors.

I am not going to tell you how to make Jams and Jellies as that is beyond the scope of this article. What I am going to tell you is that to be a success at Selling Jams and Jellies at the Farmers’ Market you will need to be able to tick off a large number of the above points.

Be prepared. Have plenty of stock. Have not just good product BUT excellent product.

Offer discounts. If someone buys a 12 case of Jellies then give them a discount.

Maybe have a Loyalty Card system. Buy 10 get one free type of thing.

Offer a refund for the return of the jars. This will lower your costs and bring the customers back… win win!

Have fun and make money by Selling Jams and Jellies at the Farmers’ Market.