5 Popular Baked Goods – Pies

Pies are always popular at Farmers Markets. Pies can take many different forms. Read on to find out how to make money at Farmers Markets by selling pies. If there was ever any doubt about the popularity of pies then take a look at the latest Food Network Star finalist. One was a Pie Man!!! Now he had a great personality but the main thing that he had going for him was the concept of making and  selling pies!

OK so the definition of a pie is?? Well to me a pie is a crust and a top with some form of “goodie” in the middle. (But there are many different types of pies as I show you below.)

This goodie could be sweet and yummy like a strawberry pie or maybe even savoury like a meat pie.

There really is no limit to the Pies that you could make and then take to a farmers market.

Pies that I have seen being sold at Farmers Markets include:

1. Louisiana Fried Meat Pies. These are like a turnover. 1 piece of pastry with a spicy filling of meat or crawfish etc. they are similar to a Mexican Empanada.

2. Ice box pies. Basic but yummy, tasty,

3. Pot Pies. These are a pie with a top and bottom crust. A meat or chicken filling. Baked and best served hot.

4. Fruit pies. Single piece of dough rolled over like a turnover. Fried or baked with peach, apple or any other fruit..

5. Apple/ Cherry/ etc etc pies just like your grandma and mother made. Bake them and take them to market. Have some small ones too= as people like to eat as they walk around the market.

Some tips:

You are always going to be more efficient by making in bulk. Don’t just make ONE pie. Make at least 2 or 3 of each. Freeze your filling if you need to but this will save you time.

Be realistic with your pricing.

Be prepared to name your ingredients. Customers at Farmers market want to know whats in the baked goods. Gives you credibility as the baker too. Talk shop with the bakers.

Have some form of box or cover to provide for the customer to take their pie home in.

Samples are good. So make some smaller pies that you can cut up for samples.Give discounts if customers buy more than one.Ask the customers what they want. Some will have a favourite pie that they want but can’t make. Become their pie maker!

Keep them on ice or at least in ice chests.