5 Popular Baked Goods – Farmers Market Cakes

Best Baked Goods at Farmers Markets – CAKES

What are the Best Baked Goods to sell at the Farmers Market?  What is popular at your Farmers Market may not be at mine. The secret to finding out is to be flexible and experiment. Here is Part 3 in the blog about how to find the 5 Popular Baked Goods to take to the Farmers’ Market.

Cakes are one of the best baked goods to sell at Farmers’ Markets. They sell basically in 2 ways. By the slice or as a whole cake.

A great vendor near me one year had it nailled.

Cake by the slice is a great product. I recently set up for a whole season right near a lady who sold the most wonderful slices of a cheesy pound cake. The taste was incredible. She sold slices for $1.00 and had them pre-wrapped. Everyone can afford a $1.00 slice of home made cake. Then she had whole cakes for sale for around $10. These were bundt cakes, not iced and I am sure she was able to make plenty of them and a nice profit.

She specialized in the one variety of cake. Now of course you could make a number of different types. Different flavors. Maybe even have samples and take orders. However, remember that most customers at the Farmers Market want to buy NOW not next week.

Of course the other problem with making cakes for the Farmers Market is that it might be HOT where you are and there is nothing worse than HOT cake. Invest in some ice chests to keep your cakes and samples cool and it will pay off in the long run.


  • Keep samples wrapped or under cover as flies and other insects could soon ruin a good day of sales.
  • Set up next to the guy that sells coffee
  • Be prepared to take orders. Have specialty prices in mind.
  • Give samples. Small.
  • Always try to upsell. 3 slices for $2.50 or similar.
  • Try to not take any home. Better to sell at a reduced price at the end of the market or trade with another vendor for other products.


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